Pashan Garh - Taj Safaris

Panna Tiger Reserve

Taj Safaris’ new jungle safari lodge comprises a cluster of stone cottages huddled atop a small hill, with magnificent views over the forest and a large nearby waterhole, which has been host to numerous tiger and resident antelope sightings.

This lodge draws inspiration from the dry-packed stone houses of the Panna region. These houses differ from other Madhya Pradesh styles, with dramatic roofs constructed from massive slabs of irregularly shaped slate. The guest areas celebrate Haveli design, with a spacious central courtyard. The interiors are a contemporary mix of chocolate linens, block-printed black silks, celadon cottons and cotton lace chandeliers. A strong motif throughout the lodge is the motif of the crocodile, which inhabits the nearby Ken River. Although the structures are rough, chunky and stony, the interiors are sleek and sexy.


The lodge features 12 stone cottages, with a central guest area showcasing fabulous leather furniture made in Delhi, with massive black and white photo canvasses of the dramatic Panna landscapes. There are subtle references to the erotic stonework at the nearby temples of Khajuraho.


The guest areas celebrate Haveli design and are centred around a spacious central courtyard, set amongst giant banyan trees. Panna stone, mined on the outskirts of Panna town itself, and Jaisalmer stone from Rajasthan, is used for all the stonework. Large decks flow between the dining area and the guest area, with their exposed roof rafters and raw stone walls. A lookout tower offers expansive views over the nearby watering hole. An infinity pool invites guests for a refreshing dip, while inviting aromas waft from the open, interactive kitchen. Vintage kists, rich textiles and an array of other treasures bring softness and warmth to the chunky stone interiors.

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