300 school kids taken into MP Parks by TOFT lodges

02 June 2009
300 school kids taken into MP Parks by TOFT lodges

REPORT ON PENCH Children in The Park Day 13th May 2009

By Jaidev Singh Rathore, GM – Pench Jungle Camp

Today was a great success today, when all resort owners and managers actively participated in this TOFT inspired Children in the Park day event.

There were 43 children and 6 teachers, from Avarghani, Turia, Khambha, Kupitola and Khamreeth villages and 2 Sarpanchs from Turai and Satosa Village.

All the children were picked up from different points and everyone was collected at the gate, and in two further jeeps the resort owners, managers and a media team followed.

We got excellent support from the Forest Department, and a tiger show on elephant back was specially arranged for the children, before breakfast was arranged at Alikatta and a education lesson about the forest was given by Mr.Soni, the Deputy Ranger.

The District Collector could not attend the event, as he was tied up for the Lok Sabha Elections, but he showed a very positive response to the events and he also conveyed that he wants the Moghli Festival, which presently is only restricted to Madhya Pradesh to be organised at a National Level.

On the way back from the Park, the Pench Interpreter Centre was shown to the children, and everyone was brought back to Pench Jungle Camp, where a few games and a quiz was organised, and each child was given a gift hamper, which consisted of a water bottle, Geometry Box, a Box of Pencil and a Glostick. Lunch followed organised in the Conference Hall at the lodge.

During this event the S.D.O Forest, Mr.Hardha was present with his forest team and met all the children during lunch.

We were pleased that a number of print and TV media was present and covered the entire event, including ETV Madhya Pradesh, IBN, 24 Channel & Sahara TV.

The following are the names of resort Managers/Owners who participated in the event besides

  • 1.Mr.Kanwar Bagvan, The Taj
  • 2.Mr.Sandeep Patel, Owner Moghli Den
  • 3.Mr.Vinod Singh, Partner, Tiger Valley
  • 4.Mr.Rai, Manager, M.P Tourism
  • 5.Mr.Subhash Yadav, Manager, Mahuva Van
  • 6.Mr.Kamlesh ,Manager, Heavens Garden
  • 7.Mr.Roman, Manager, Royal Tiger Resort
  • 8.Mr.Rupesh, Owner, Paghmarks
  • 9.Mr.Sandeep Singh, Partner, Tiger & Woods
  • 10.Mr.Ratan Lal, Owner,Village King Resorts
  • 11. Mr Singh Rathore. Director. Pench Jungle Camp

The Following Forest Officials Participated in the event.Instead of Guides Forest Guards Escorted the Gypsys into the Park.

  • 1.Mr.Bhuneshwar Patle. Forest Guard.
  • 2.Mr.Gautam Soni.........Deputy Ranger
  • 3.Mr.Dherwal................Deputy Ranger.
  • 4.Mr.Uttam Hinge.........Forest Guard.
  • 5.Mr.Rajan Tiwari.........Forest Guard.
  • 6.Mr.Shawarnlal Uike....Guide.
  • 7.Mr.Kamlesh Washington.....Deputy Ranger.
  • 8.Mr.Omprakash...........Guide.
  • 9.Mr.Kamru Singh.........Guide

Message from TOFT

This is a superb example of a collective action programme that is a credit to all the lodge owners and managers in Pench, and should not only show to the Park and communities you care for the welfare of the park, but is the foundation to a long term and integrated approach of tourism supporting conservation and communities. Well done to all.

Special mention to Pench Jungle Camp and Jaidev Singh for coordinating it.

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