DMC Delhi Gathering 13th October 2009

20 October 2009
DMC Delhi Gathering 13th October 2009

DMC Delhi Gathering 13th October 2009

TOFT Chairman Julian Matthews and Abhishek Behl, kindly supported by Taj Palace Hotel, met with 20 TOFT DMC members on the 13th October to discuss the campaign and TOFT future. Combining both a short presentation and a short workshop, the meeting was effective in giving reasons why the DMC’s are critical in the supply chain, and raised the issue of adding TOFT contributions to their client’s invoices, and how to overcome the reticence to effect this aspect of DMC’s roles and responsibilities.

All TOFT DMC members to sign a new TOFT Application form and a yearly annual membership will be taken to be part of the campaign.

To get further details please see the attached here.

To get the new DMC application form click here.

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