Barnawapara Park Issues

Water scarcity: The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in one of the hottest states of India, where temperatures soar up to 48 degrees in the summers. Due to this, there is extreme water scarcity in the forest as its rivulets, streams and ponds dry up, having an adverse effect on the wildlife. Ensuring availability of water during the summer season is a huge challenge for the management of the sanctuary.

Forest fires: The forests of Barnawapara comprise dry deciduous vegetation, which is easily susceptible to forest fires as the temperatures soar high during the summers. This coupled with the fact that there is an acute water shortage in the park, makes managing these fires difficult. During this time, firebreaks are a common sight, resulting in the management creating a gap between the vegetation by clearing a straight line across an area, leaving behind only hard ground, to ensure the fire cannot spread across the entire forest.