Chitwan Tourism Activities

Jungle safaris: You can hire a jeep from your hotel or local travel operator in Chitwan for a jeep safari in the park. Your hotel can arrange for an experienced driver and naturalist who will guide you through the forest, and help spot the unique wildlife at display.

Elephant safaris: Elephant safaris are very famous here for spotting rhinos up close. Early morning, you can view the forests from atop an elephant, as it takes you into the thick of the forests, wading its way through the grasslands, getting up very close and personal with the smallest to largest animal species.

Boating: This is an experience you must not miss. The Narayali river, which acts as a natural boundary between the national park and the adjoining villages, is ideal for boating rides in the mornings and evenings. As you cruise along the river, your boat propelled forward by gentle rapids, you can view wildlife at the banks, with village life in the backdrop, highlighting the co-existence of man with wildlife. You can also catch a glimpse of the fish eating gharial and the marsh mugger. Beyond the wildlife, the scenic beauty of thick forests on either side, and the view of a sunrise and sunset with its shadows turning the surface of the river fiery orange, is a breathtaking sight.

Jungle walks and bird watching: The best way to explore a forest is on foot. This is your chance of truly enjoying time alone with nature. There are many well-defined trails along the fringes of the forest, where you can see some of the rare bird species found in this park.

Museums and visitor centres: The park management has set up a visitor centre at Sauraha and a museum at Kasara, the park headquarters, which have visual displays and exhibitions of the park’s biodiversity and conservation history.

Gharial breeding centre: 1 km away from the park headquarters is a gharial breeding centre, which also has marsh muggers, as part of a conservation initiative. Here you can learn about the conservation measures being implemented in the park for the long term survival of some endangered species.

Bikram baba religious site: This site located close to the headquarters is of archival value, and worshipped by the local communities and residents.