Blue Planet Wild Safaris

Blue Planet Wild Safaris is a Pune-based DMC specialising in tailoring private guided tours to India and Kenya. Adventure and wildlife tours to Leh-Ladakh, Agra, Jaipur and Varanasi, among other destinations are on offer. Owned by a seasoned traveller, Blue Planet Wild Safaris has been able to cultivate relationships with expert guides and properties across these destinations, gaining their guests unprecedented access to unique experiences centred around unparalleled natural beauty and wilderness.

Blue Planet Wild Safaris aims to create game-changing safari experiences for their guests, focusing on quality service and competitive pricing. Their travel solutions are customised to meet every traveller’s needs. Be a part of Blue Planet Wild to feel the pulse of the art of travelling!

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Responsible Travel

Wherever possible, Blue Planet Wild Safaris relies on local people and businesses as destination partners. This ensures that guests get an authentic experience, while also bringing benefits to the local communities. Conversely, they also actively avoid ‘tourist traps’. Moreover, they encourage guests to reduce wastage, minimise noise pollution, recycle, and be culturally-sensitive during trips. When visiting national parks and nature reserves, they advise travellers to stick to set paths in order to preserve natural habitats and leave animals undisturbed. Blue Planet Wild Safaris is committed to respecting and supporting human rights throughout their operations. They adhere to the principles of ethical travel as set out in their Responsible Travel Policy, and as reflected in their conduct of business dealings and relationships with business partners. The DMC strongly supports education, and recently distributed study material to the children in the local schools in Pench.