Far Horizon Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Experience the rich culture and natural history of India with Far Horizon Tours

If experiential travel is what you’re looking for, we are the right partners for you. Apart from the famous wonderful sights and sounds of India, we help you discover the off-beaten path – the unique, traditional cultures of the local people and the breathtaking mountains, rivers, forests, deserts and islands. It will be a journey like never before. We strongly believe in delivering quality, which is why even after 25 years, our journeys are still handcrafted.

Our Rajasthan retreats offer unique experiences:
The Dera Dune Retreat introduces travellers to the depth of the golden desert and the people of the Bishnoi tribal community who are the traditional guardians of the desert and its wildlife. Walk around and experience the magnificent wildlife. You can visit us at www.deraduneretreat.com for more details.

The Dera Village Retreat enables travellers to explore the charm of the Rajasthani village life, especially that of the Meena tribals. Enjoy a camel safari, birdwatching and a hike to get more out of your journey. For more details, visit www.deravillageretreat.com


Responsible Travel

We take our role of a responsible tourism agency very seriously. And so, we work closely with the local village communities, support the village school and also provide employment to the youth and encourage their traditional crafts. We care for our environment and have been awarded the Most Eco-friendly and Innovative Tour Operator – Kerala Tourism Award, four times, and been recognised for our contribution at other locations as well.

The Parks and lodge accommodation we offer: