Indian Excursions Co.

Indian Excursions are experts in tailor-made tours of Rajasthan. With a reputation for excellence and an outstanding level of attention to detail, Indian Excursions are committed to redefining personal service in the industry. 

All our tour packages are completely tailor-made; each and every aspect is utterly flexible. There's no limit on the amount of time we'll spend tweaking and adjusting your tailor-made journey until it's just right. 

With our headquarters nestled on the edge of Rathambhore National Park, Indian Excursions knows Ranthambhore's every nook, cranny and secret. With over a decade of experience in providing safaris and services to some of the world's most well-known travel agents, we have the right experience, knowledge and contacts to craft exceptional safari tours.

Born and bred in Ranthambhore, Indian Excursions has the ability to offer unique excursions and hidden gems, giving you a true insight into the beauty of the jungle that only a local could possibly know of. 

Responsible Travel

Indian Excursions Co is focused on giving back to our community in Ranthambhore, and provide stable employment to scores of locals in an otherwise remote and deprived area. Our materials and equipment are sourced from local Ranthambhore suppliers wherever possible. In 2011, Indian Excursions "went green" by eliminating unnecessary printing throughout our three offices. Our core system and client files are now completely digital, which dramatically reduced our carbon footprint and is a small step towards protecting India's forests.