Jungle Calling

It all started back in 2012 with the jungles of Pench (Madhya Pradesh) where we did our very first safari. What started out as just a desire to stay at a lovely property and spot the Royal Bengal tiger actually took us on to a completely different journey. The big cat kept eluding us. It was in our pursuit for the tiger sighting we actually learnt to appreciate the forest. We enjoyed the sights of other flora and fauna too. Our drives went beyond just sighting the tiger. Watching rare birds, different landscapes and enjoying the various other sights and sounds of the forest became just as enjoyable. As our hunt to catch a glimpse of the big cat spurred us on, the thrill of watching our first spotted deer or the chittal enticed us and lingers on even today. Our first sighting of the tiger is a moment that will remain etched in our memory forever.

It was recently that we felt the strongest urge to share our passion and perspective of the forest with all those who are enthusiastic or who wish to know more about it, and it was then that we realised that this has always been our calling! Thus came about Jungle Calling.

Through our trips and our experiences we want to inculcate the same level of passion that we feel in our companions. It is our endeavor that once you have seen the forest through our lens you will want more, and soon you will realize that if there was a way to pack some of the smell of the forest, the freshness of the air, the calm of the jungle, the sounds of the birds, the rustle of the leaves you would do it all. There shall be lots of memories to hold on to and if that’s not enough well the jungles always calling!

Responsible Travel

Wildlife tourism in India is not only growing rapidly but also increasingly getting commercialised. Commercialisation often results in destruction of resources. In order for our forests and wildlife to sustain itself, it is important that we all behave responsibly and help to conserve them - that is, we leave the jungle untouched. It will take a collective effort on behalf of each one of us to ensure that our pristine forests and habitats survive. At Jungle Calling we endorse and practice Responsible Travel and would like all our members to do the same.