Rare Holidays India

Rare Holidays was conceived to showcase India's great sense of hospitality. Our tours can be soft or hard adventure, from utmost luxury in leisure holidays or a mix of adventure and relaxation. Our experienced staff and associates are well trained in their job to serve your every need. A plethora of wildlife destinations, with rich flora and fauna in exotic destinations, brimming with amazing cultures and vibrant colours awaits you. Our endeavour is to attract wildlife lovers to gain greater love, understanding and care towards our extraordinary forests, birds and wild animals.

Responsible Travel

Our policy is to maximumise benefits with minimising the effects of tourism. We promote local guides, encourage local employment and provide information on local culture and lifestyle. With your wildlife safari, alongside wildlife drives, we always advise other activities, including Elephant and bike rides, nature walks and village visits, eating locally available food, low lighting and only the sounds of the jungle at night.