Rare India

RARE is a community of small, owner powered hotels in India, Nepal and Bhutan. The RARE collection is a finely curated list of concept hotels that ensures that each hotel, lodge or hideaway on board is a unique experience with an enduring conservation ideal, is inclusive of the community around and steeped in the culture of the destination. This can be seen reflected in the green values and attitude towards preservation of traditions, nature and environment, community participation, décor and architecture, cuisines and activities that highlight the destination for the world traveller. Every RARE hotel contributes in enhancing the destination experience in a special way and the hosts and owners are completely responsible for this aspect.  Unique in every way, the collection seamlessly weaves itself into existing programs – yet are  stylish and creative expressions of the owner's interests, highly personalised in their service to be intimate,   providing a great learning through activities designed to be immersive and  accentuate the soul of the destination.

At RARE we believe in ‘creating shared value’ and bringing people together.  In it’s twelfth year since inception, RARE has contributed greatly to the way boutique hotels are looked at today by helping pioneering concepts in the hospitality industry to find a firm ground , fostering understanding for concept hotels and destinations  through creatively designed events, training and communications.

Responsible Travel

At Rare, location is the destination, experience the product, personal style the USP and responsibility to community and nature a mission statement. We partner with hotels that are unique in their own way, providing an experiential stay with a personal touch. All our hotel partners are owner run who believe strongly in sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, one of the key elements in the RARE ethos.