Red Coral Travel Experiences

At Red Coral Travel Experiences, it’s all about experiential travel. Red coral associates directly or indirectly with true providers, distributers and consumers of authentic experience-based travel to bridge gaps among these three segments and promote engaging travel and cultural experiences. To achieve this, Red Coral ties up with responsible business opportunities in the rapidly-growing travel industry. 

Red Coral focuses all its efforts on supporting passion-driven standalone experience providers, be it a resort/lodge owner or curators who encourage responsible tourism and patronise community development alongside their business aspirations. At present, Red Coral is associated with multiple jungle lodges, heritage homestays, boutique resorts, activity-based resorts, wellness destinations and indigenous art galleries.

Responsible Travel

It has been Red Coral’s endeavour to associate, collaborate and partner with people and communities who share their ethos of responsible tourism and business practices. Red Coral has also actively contributed to and supported wildlife and nature conservation, and community development initiatives.