Tigerwalah was born in February 2010 out of a deep-seated fascination for the wilderness in general and for the tiger in particular. The aim was to address the need to provide credible park and tiger information to visitors and tiger lovers across the globe. Tigerwalah has, over the years, transformed itself into an enthusiastic partner, bringing the many joys of the jungle to city dwellers.

At Tigerwalah, we are unashamedly in love with the jungle and cannot have enough of it. We believe that there is no better way to express this love than taking this passion forward and helping everyone benefit from it. So, we plan and organise exciting trips into the wild, giving guests a break from mundane city lives. We thrive on providing a unique wildlife experience to guests and we seem to be doing it well, considering that 80% of our clients are repeat or referral clients, making Tigerwalah a partner in the journey into the wilderness and not just an average tour-planning agency.

Tigerwalah plans fresh itineraries, books safaris and ensures seamless execution by vendors to provide guests a smooth experience. Not only do we cover the major wildlife parks in India, we extend our services to lesser-known parks in an attempt to provide unique experiences for every guest.

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Responsible Travel

Tigerwalah is not just a wildlife travel company. We take pride in being wildlife partners for our clients, providing them with credible and regular updates on prominent parks in India and sensitizing them about ground realities, current challenges and ways and means to contribute towards the protection and enrichment of our diverse flora and fauna and ethical wildlife practices. We work with some of the most passionate and committed resort owners, safari guides and drivers at different destinations to provide guests with a unique and hassle-free wildlife experience without compromising on the ethics of wildlife tourism. After all, if there are no forests, there will be no wildlife, and no tigers, which means no Tigerwalah either.