Trail Blazers Expeditions

Dream about the world, you will find different colours; dream about those colours, you will try to find their origin; dream about their origin and you will find it here, at the land called – Incredible India.

Trail Blazers Expeditions, established in 2006 and based in Delhi, is one of the leading names in the tourism industry. We are dedicated to providing each guest who wishes to visit and enjoy the colour of this dream with an unsurpassed level of personal care and attention.

Renowned for our reliable and impeccable service, we specialise in all types of cultural, heritage, adventure, wildlife, bird watching, rail, sports, students' and special interest tours to a variety of destinations. Let us welcome you to this land and ensure that you truly enjoy the colour of life, not just a tour.

Responsible Travel

We at Trail Blazers Expeditions not only offer tours but are committed to expanding our role for the welfare of society, our heritage and the beautiful but diminishing wildlife of India’s forests. We believe that Together We Can and therefore are always ready to join hands with organisations working for the well being of society and the conservation of heritage and wildlife, and support them with all required measures to make a positive contribution to these areas.