Wildlife Explorer India Pvt. Ltd.

Wildlife Explorer India is a dedicated wildlife & bird Tour Company with over 15 years of experience in escorting hundred of passionate travelers into the diverse biologically national parks of India. The company was formed from a lifelong love and passion for nature, wildlife, birding & photography. Our team comprises of professional & experienced ex-wildlife safari guides & naturalists who excels at tailor-making your trip to your needs and offer you an extraordinary and personalized Wildlife Holiday. While delivering our services we take great care to ensure long term sustainability of our environment for our future travelers & generations.
Let’s come and entrain this journey into wilderness together.

Balvinder Singh (Bali), founder of Wildlife Explorer India, is a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, nominated by Wanderlust magazine in 2010 as one of the top ten leaders worldwide. He brings a wide range of experience from leading groups to supplying logistical support combined with great knowledge of wild destinations enabling him to design bespoke itineraries offering the finest wildlife encounters.

Co-founder Gurpreet Singh (Guery), a passionate traveller and wildlife enthusiast offering exceptional service through his contacts spanning hoteliers, local guides, safari drivers and other service providers nurtured over many years, accompanies French as well as Italian groups. Expert in tailor-made trips, Guery turns your query into an enthralling holiday built around opportunities to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

We place you in the heart of wild places for personal encounters with the Indian wildlife in its natural habitat. Write to us and let us design your dream holiday focusing on the best wildlife and wilderness experiences in India. We relish the opportunity to design your tour itinerary and to offer you a safe, enjoyable and informative wildlife adventure with highly personalised service. We look forward to welcoming you in India on a tour with Wildlife Explorer India to experience a unique, diverse and stimulating holiday at excellent value.

Responsible Travel

Being an active member of TOFTigers, we strongly believe in promoting responsible tourism and also support local conservation projects. We understand that we have a responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment for coming generations. We strongly believe that tourism actively contributes to the conservation of natural heritage and enables positive cultural exchange. It also helps local communities by creating employment opportunities and supporting conservation projects. We have signed up with TOFTigers to ensure that we, along with our clients and all service providers, will move forward towards sustainable and low-impact travel and tourism. 1. We ensure that local people, forest guides, jeep drivers, and hotel staff benefit from our visit to their places. 2. We encourage local villagers who live on the periphery of National Parks to use alternative energy for cooking instead of firewood. 3. We plant trees near the National Parks we visit to counter the effect of logging. 4. We support TOFTigers’ policies and associate only with lodges that have PUG certification and that recruit staff from local communities. 5. We encourage forest lodges/resorts to install reverse osmosis water purifier unit to reduce dependence on mineral water, thereby reducing plastic waste.