Koning Aap

Koning Aap is a Dutch tour operator that organizes adventurous group tours to over 60 exotic destinations worldwide! We take pride in our professional tour guides and high client appreciation.  Knowledge and experience is our strength!

Why is it that you can memorize some parts of your holidays so specifically? Well, probably because they were unique. An unexpected meeting with an interesting person, being intrigued by a landscape or living out a life-long dream… We at Koning Aap make sure that your holiday contains all the ingredients to create unique experiences. Spending the night in an eco-lodge in the jungle, learning how to make the best coconut curry in Thailand or attending a sumo wrestling match in Japan? We’ll arrange it for you!

Responsible Travel

We at Koning Aap acknowledge the effects that our journeys can have upon the people, animals and environments we visit. That is why we believe that it is important to always bare the sustainability of our actions in mind when operating tours. We want to continue traveling to beautiful destinations worldwide and make sure that future generations can too!

We are members of TOFT to stem the tiger's decline, enhance park's anti poaching efforts and support local communities!

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