Luxury Trips

We are a luxury travel company created to help travelers design customised itineraries to their dream destinations.

Luxury Trips has over 20 years of experience in custom crafting luxury travel for the discerning travel connoisseur. Our Travel Specialists offer unparalleled expertise in their chosen regions, and are able to advise our clients using first-hand knowledge gained from their extensive travel experiences.

We believe: “To see once is worth more than hearing a hundred times”. Let us custom craft your Journey of a Lifetime.

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Responsible Travel

Join a shared philosophy of building environmental, social, and financial equity and of raising global awareness around sustainability. Unite with us in consciously promoting low-impact tourism, which steadfastly supports environmentally responsible lodgings that benefit local communities.

As travel enhances our knowledge and understanding of the world, it reveals tragedies as well. Although we can’t stop them all from happening, we can help to end them. Through conservation and sustainability, we strive to develop the resources in-country that will allow our neighbors to regain their footing. By enabling great people, we hope to lay the foundation for a bright future.

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