We are a young and dynamic travel company that covers the most interesting corners of the globe. Our people are fully familiar with all of our trips because they take them, themselves, and frequently!

Because of our long-term relationships with agencies which are mainly Shoestring-owned and invariably trustworthy, we can absolutely guarantee that what we offer in terms of facilities, well-trained guides, accommodation and other aspects of each trip will meet our exacting standards. We also have the ability, experience and influence to act efficiently if ever anything ever goes wrong due to unforeseen circumstances.

We travel in small groups with the accent on individual freedom. Our customers have a lot of free-time that they can expend at their own pace to make the most of their opportunities. So they can discover, in their own way, all of the great experiences that each location offers.

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Responsible Travel

We at Shoestring acknowledge the effects that our journeys can have upon the people, animals and environments we visit. That is why we believe that it is important to always bare the sustainability of our actions in mind when operating tours. We want to continue traveling to beautiful destinations worldwide and make sure that future generations can too! We are members of TOFT to stem the tiger's decline, enhance park's anti poaching efforts and support local communities!

The Parks and lodge accommodation we offer:


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