Wild Women Expeditions

For three decades, Wild Women Expeditions has been offering a wide variety of outdoor adventures, including canoe and kayak trips, multi-sport adventures, hiking trips and yoga retreats. We value taking care of the environment, shared leadership, and creating a community of amazing women. With an emphasis on inclusivity, our outdoor adventure trips are available to all women of all backgrounds.

We’ve learned that we get a lot from giving back and caring for the wild places we enjoy so much. At our core lies our profound care and respect for the environment. During a trip, we aim to leave the wilderness in better shape than when we got there. We are not merely visitors to the wilderness. Rather, it is our home and we treat it as such. With that intention, we avoid actions which disrupt and disturb wildlife as much as possible. WWE is an advocate for environmental conservation and helps protect the special places we play in by supporting environmental education, advocacy campaigns and community projects. We take opportunities to support girl’s empowerment and partner with social justice and women’s rights organisations to make a difference, in our backyard and globally.

By providing a place where women are empowered physically, spiritually and emotionally we are proud to be part of the growing Canadian social justice movement. We believe that when women join together in a supportive circle to move through challenges, enjoy the pleasures of life and connect with nature through an outdoor experience, they have more energy and joy in their lives to do all the other important work in the world.

Ultimately, we’ve learned to lead with our heart. At the heart of our values is our passion for the wilderness in all of its beauty. We know that every woman has a contribution to make and that in a supportive, celebratory and adventurous environment we can all share our strengths as equals.

We can’t wait to welcome you on a Wild Women adventure!

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