Nagzira Park Issues

Development activities: The forests of central India, falling in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, are under pressure from developmental activities such as construction of highways, railways, and mining, which is the most prevalent threat. These forests support 17% of India’s wild Tiger population, but are also the country’s richest coal reserves. A proposal to construct a thermal power plant just 9 km away from the boundary of the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary puts the wildlife at risk of losing pristine habitat, as well as be exposed to conflict with humans.

Human wildlife conflict: The forests around the wildlife sanctuary are home to some of India’s most ancient tribes who depend heavily of the forests for their livelihood and energy needs. The local communities come in frequent conflict with wildlife on their trips into the forest for collecting fuel wood and forest resources such as Mahua, and also while taking their livestock for grazing. This interference in the forest also leads to degradation.