Tiger News

Pench Maharashtra Tiger Reserve opens to tourism

In an innovative move, Pench Maharashtra Tiger Reserve, adjoining Pench Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, has agreed to allow tourists staying around Turia gate to also visit the Maharashtra part of the Tiger reserve, an interstate move that will enhance visitors options and allow both to work better together. Read more..

More of Tadoba’s forest villagers move out – making space for tigers

Maharashtra’s government has been making great strides to relocate villages from inside tiger reserves. In the last year over 422 families have been moved from Tadoba, and others have also been done in Melghat and Sahyadri, in an extraordinary exercise in making space for tigers. Read more..


One new zone opened for tourists. Read more..

Tribal ministry's move may damage sanctuaries

The unilateral decision by union ministry of tribal affairs (MoTA) to convert forest villages into revenue villages even in national parks, sanctuaries and tiger reserves has been termed 'illegal' by wildlife conservationists. Read more..

Tiger conservation plan for Sahyadri okayed Times of India

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has approved the tiger conservation plan for the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, targeting sustainable development of one of the major forest areas of the state for the next 10 years. Read more..