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Has big conservation gone astray?

ANALYSIS: The world’s biggest conservation groups have embraced a human-centric approach known as “new conservation.” But is it up to the task of saving life on Earth? Part 1 of Conservation, Divided: Mongabay’s four-part series investigating how the field of conservation has changed over the last 30 years. Read more..

TYger Tyger Burning bright – What is really happening in the night?

Article by Julian Matthews, Chairman, TOFTigers published initially by the Outdoor Journal. Read more..

More Tigers Have Been Poached In India This Year Than All Of Last Year

In the year 1900, there may have been as many or more than 100,000 tigers roaming this planet's forests. And every year since then until now, that number has decreased. But a combination of better and broader monitoring techniques and, governments say, increased vigilance against poachers has led to the first increase in tiger numbers in over a century - to 3,890 this year. Read more..

Tiger population is rising, but will it get doubled by 2022?

While wildlife groups have said that there has been an increase in the tiger population, 2016 brought its own shares of tiger deaths. Madhya Pradesh alone lost 16 tigers to poaching. Are we doing enough to double the tiger population by 2022 and is it even a realistic goal? Read more..

Tiger biologists debunk report on increase in population

A group of tiger biologists from India, USA, UK and Russia have debunked a report which claimed that the world's wild tiger population is on the rise. Read more..