India villagers crush tigress to death

06 November 2018

The Telegraph

India villagers crush tigress to death with a tractor in nature reserve as row erupts over big cat 'murders'

Villagers crushed a tigress to death with a tractor in a game reserve in north India in the second controversial killing of one of the endangered species since Friday.

Officials at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve warned against the "serious offence", which villagers said was carried out in defence after the tigress mauled a villager to death.

The killing reignited a nationwide row over the 'murdering' of India's national animal after another tigress was shot dead by hunters last week following a killing spree of its own.

Ministers traded blows with local officials over the weekend as environmentalists called for control and more humane methods of dealing with dangerous tigers after the initial killing that followed a high-profile hunt.

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