24 October 2012

It’s extraordinary that a Government like Karnataka can say in the same breath that tiger numbers are increasing in their reserves, and as a result they are taking out all the tourism operations so that it does not disturb tigers. Logic would suggest that the growth in wildlife tourism has actually been beneficial to tiger population densities, given that both have grown in unison. By the same perverse logic the Ecotourism committee, with all the latest scientific evidence about tiger tourism and tiger densities still chose to ignore its obvious conclusions and pushed on with guidelines that will throttle any quality nature or viewing experience. This by dint of concentrating visitors into ever decreasing areas, effectively ‘hotspotting’ them – instead of spreading visitors further and thinner across a wilderness landscape.

It’s not the tourism inside the park that is the problem (even though nobody likes crowds of jeeps - the tigers who live there do not mind or keep a low profile) but instead the effects of poor land use policies outside parks - all curable with better collaboration between ministries responsible for revenue lands, more inclusive management practices and stricter monitoring of present laws.

Its simply far easier to admonish the visible edifices near a couple of park entrances – than recognise the far greater invisible threats of poverty, wood extraction, degradation, grazing, agricultural creep, mining and illegal poaching that happens around the entire circumference of a park.

See here http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-10-23/bangalore/34679552_1_forest-minister-core-areas-tiger-tourism

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30 October 2014

Join us for a glass of wine or juice and find out more about wildlife and sustainable nature tourism in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
12-1PM IN260 kindly hosted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism
5-6PM IN180 kindly hosted by Maharashtra Tourism

Click here for the Invitation

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NEW DMC MEMBER – Sai India Travel joined TOFTigers campaign
29 October 2014

SAI India Travel is a Delhi-based specialist inbound travel company set up in 2009 organising tours across the Indian subcontinent. Tour themes include culture, special interest (including festivals), wildlife and nature, spa and wellness, and tribal tours. Owned and managed by the Bhatnagar family which has been part of the Indian tourism industry for three generations, the company offers a gamut of services to complement their core tour operator business including international and domestic ticketing, visa and passport, MICE and car rental services. Staff and drivers speak English, Italian and Spanish. Sai India Travel always ready to join hands with organisations working for the well being of society and the conservation of heritage and wildlife. - Read more...

21 October 2014

Today, in partnership with Bittu Sahgal and his team at Sanctuary Asia, India's biggest natural history publisher, we set out on a joint mission: To ensure that we can live up to key standards in delivering better nature tourism and to truly realise its potential as a conservation tool.

This mammoth undertaking will manifest as a partnership between Sanctuary Asia and TOFTigers that will, enhance coverage in Sanctuary Asia magazine, undertake...

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