Learning from Africa

24 October 2012

A nearly four-month ban on tiger tourism in more than 30,000 sq km of tiger landscape led to much concern both in the government and the tourism industry. Tiger activists were worried that poachers would have a field day after the ban and in some places in south India, they must have. The process led to huge cancellations of bookings and financial losses for both the tourism industry and those governments that runs lodges in the tiger territories.

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More Archived Tiger News

Maharashtra CM promises to make Nagpur, a 'tiger capital'
17 December 2014

Taking potshots at his predecessor Prithviraj Chavan and his colleagues Chhagan Bhujbal and others, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis said the new government would speed up decision making. He said all issues pertaining to Mihan project would be expedited while efforts would be made to make Nagpur the 'Tiger Capital' of India. - Read more...

Indian Tigers Dying in Record numbers
02 December 2014

Indian Tigers Dying in Record numbers - mostly outside reserves Tigers are dying in record numbers in India, mostly due to poaching, wildlife officials said this week. At least 274 tigers have died in the last four years, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar told Indian parliament members on 26th November 2014. - Read more...

New tourism activities around Madhya Pradesh parks
02 December 2014

Madhya Pradesh are pressing ahead on offering a host of new activities in the buffer zones of Madhya Pradesh parks including walking, village visits and farming visits to try and spread tourism more equitably around the core areas from January 2015. - Read more...

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