Learning from Africa

24 October 2012

A nearly four-month ban on tiger tourism in more than 30,000 sq km of tiger landscape led to much concern both in the government and the tourism industry. Tiger activists were worried that poachers would have a field day after the ban and in some places in south India, they must have. The process led to huge cancellations of bookings and financial losses for both the tourism industry and those governments that runs lodges in the tiger territories.

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17 July 2014

NTCA (Project Tiger) declared two more tiger reserves today, one in Madhya Pradesh called Ratapani, and the other Sunabeda in Odisha. - Read more...

Many parks close for monsoon on a high
08 July 2014

With the final NTCA’s 2014 wildlife census due out at the end of the year, so many well known Tiger reserves in India closed with the sweet smell of success. - Read more...

Pench Maharashtra Tiger Reserve opens to tourism
04 April 2014

In an innovative move, Pench Maharashtra Tiger Reserve, adjoining Pench Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, has agreed to allow tourists staying around Turia gate to also visit the Maharashtra part of the Tiger reserve, an interstate move that will enhance visitors options and allow both to work better together. - Read more...

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