Learning from Africa

24 October 2012

A nearly four-month ban on tiger tourism in more than 30,000 sq km of tiger landscape led to much concern both in the government and the tourism industry. Tiger activists were worried that poachers would have a field day after the ban and in some places in south India, they must have. The process led to huge cancellations of bookings and financial losses for both the tourism industry and those governments that runs lodges in the tiger territories.

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More Archived Tiger News

3 tigers set to be moved from Bandhavgarh
02 October 2014

Madhya Pradesh Forest Department has decided to translocate at least 3 tigers from Bandhavgarh to other national parks like neighbouring Sanjay Tiger Reserve and Satpura National Park. It was decided in the wakeof recent incidences including man-animal conflicts and territorial conflicts. - Read more...

Invasive plants a threat to wildlife
22 September 2014

The wild growth of invasive alien plants such as Senna spectabilis (calceolaria shower), Lantana, Eupatorium and Parthenium is posing a threat to wildlife and indigenous plants in the forest areas of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, including the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS), a major habitat of Asiatic elephants in the country. - Read more...

More tigers than reserves can handle, say experts ...
24 August 2014

Senior tiger biologist at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) Qamar Qureshi, said the current tiger census - the results of which would be unveiled in December - was expected to reveal an increase in number of tigers more than the carrying capacity of tiger reserves. - Read more...

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