Satpura: Park Issues


  • Within the Satpura Tiger reserve itself, the hill top based sanctuary of Panchmari, is home to a large hill station population that receives over 65,000 mainly indian visitors a year on their holidays, and has a permanent population of 35,000 people. A lot of people pressure and pilgrimage pressure is places on the natural resources here.
  • There were as many at 74 villages that live within the boundaries of the Satpura Tiger reserve, exerting extensive biotic pressure on the region, from wood extraction, grazing and jungle produce. Recently some villages have been moved and compensated including the village of Bori, from which Bori Sanctuary derives its name.
  • Poaching for wildlife is less severe here helped by the major water body in the south, but illegal fishing is a major problem in this Tewa reservoir. Itarsi nearby is a major centre of illegal trade of wildlife parts and products.