Sundarbans Tourism Activities

Boat rides: Boats are available for hire throughout the day for visits to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary from 8:30am to 5:00pm. These can be hired for half day or full day along with a wildlife guide. Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary is well known for its bird population, especially popular species such as Spotted Billed Pelican, Purple Heron, Grey headed Fishing Eagle, Fish Eagle, and Caspian Tern. The best time to see birds is early mornings.

Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sajnekhali: This centre holds information about the flora and fauna found in the Sundarbans, as well as the human inhabitants of the islands. It takes you back into history, and shows the cultural heritage and art of the village folk, and how they have adapted their lifestyles to live in such strenuous climatic conditions.

Estuarine crocodile pond: Sundarbans is known for its sizeable population of saltwater Crocodiles. In case you did not catch a glimpse of them on your boat rides, you can definitely observe them in the Crocodile pond situated close to Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Shark pond and turtle farm: Another attraction near the Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary is a pond where you can view the feeding frenzy of Sharks. Close to this is a Turtle farm, where you see Olive Ridley Turtles, their hatchlings and eggs.

Sajnekhali watchtower: This famous watch tower has the capacity to accommodate around twenty people at once, and gives a panoramic view of the Sundarbans. It is the best place to observe wildlife from close quarters. There are several other watchtowers around this area that are well known for spotting specific species such as Tigers, Barking Deer, and birds.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile breeding farm: This farm boasts housing the largest number of estuarine Crocodiles in the world. Here, you can observe Crocodiles at different stages of their lives, from eggs to hatchlings, and full grown adults. It can easily be reached by boat from the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.

Halliday Islands: The Halliday Wildlife Sanctuary, commonly known as the Halliday Islands is another forest patch in Sundarbans that is worth a visit. It is well known for its Barking Deer population, and few return without catching a glimpse of this species.