Indian Wildlife Tours - Best Time to Visit

The parks, including Pench, Kanha, Bandavgarh, Panna, Corbett National Park, Ranthambhore National Park, are all open from October to April, the autumn and winter time in India. Throughout this period viewing Tigers and the host of other wildlife will be possible but the landscape does change rapidly during this period.

From October to January the vegetation is green and lush after the monsoons, water is plentiful, and it’s harder to see Tigers (though this can add to the excitement) because of the tall grasses and heavy foliage. Birdlife is also prolific at this time and flowers and trees are blossoming.

Increasingly from February to May temperatures are rising fast from the mid twenties centigrade to high thirties or forties by end of April, so grasses wilt and die, landscapes turn to dust and water has evaporated, making it a good time to see and photograph wildlife around the last remaining waterholes, but much hotter, dustier and arguably less picturesque.