Tiger Tourism = Tiger Conservation?

The basic premise of the TOFT campaign is that legal, responsible, well managed tourism into India’s finest wildernesses and Tiger reserves is the very best way to save the forests of India and its Tigers. Tourism provides the economic imperative and the best reason for protecting Tigers, and if we protect Tigers, we protect the landscapes and habitats that they exist on, and the totally invaluable and critically undervalued ‘ecological services’ that forests and their biodiversity provide in terms in water storage, medicines and carbon sinks to name just a few.

It is the only industry at present that is non extractive and wants to see healthy untouched habitat and biodiversity in all its glory and is prepared to pay for standing forests over felled forests, live animals instead of dead one, natural landscapes over cultivated ones.

Tourism is already saving Tigers and habitat – but by default, and TOFT’s only concern is that it’s not through responsible, well planned and carefully managed tourism.

This is where TOFT aims to change how tourism is derived and operated in India, and how important your purchasing decisions are when only using TOFT members including our Tour Operators, Ground Agents or Wildlife Lodges.

For further details and articles on this subject see "Can eco-tourism save India''s tigers?".