Tiger Tours - Track Tigers in the Wild

Are you looking to track tigers in the wild? Are you concerned about the preservation of India''s tiger population and its wilderness areas? Then let us help you find a responsible and environmentally aware tour operator or lodge.

Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) has developed a unique system of rating the ‘footprint’ of individual lodges and hotels in India''s wilderness regions, called the PUG Rating. If you are looking to go on a tiger tour or safari, you can now use our PUG Ratings to check which are the best lodges to stay at to ensure you travel with the lightest footprint and put the most back into preserving India’s wildlife. If you are an International travel agent or Indian ground handler, you can also use these ratings to make judgements on which lodges you use too!

How you, or your clients travel today, can make an extraordinary difference to preserving wildlife.

The links below take you to a variety of TOFT members offering tiger tours and tiger safaris, all committed to operational ‘best practice’ tourism and the TOFT campaign objectives. Using one of these Tour Operators, Ground Agents or Wildlife Lodges will help change the way tourism is derived in these areas.

Your purchasing decision is really important.

There are three ways to organize your adventure trip, vacation or tiger safari holiday, whether you are backpacking or prefer the finest service and lodging.

Getting an expert International Tour Operator to plan it for you, to suit your budget and wanderlust, and include everything that India has to offer.

  • Get an Indian ground agents to put it together for you.
  • Do it independently and contact accommodation providers directly.

In the left menu we have more information about tiger viewing, the best Indian tiger parks, the best time of year to see wildlife and tigers, more about TOFT''s aims and a recommended reading list.

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