Sanctuary Asia Partnership - The benefits

Jan 2015

In partnership with Bittu Sahgal and his team at Sanctuary Asia, India's biggest natural history publisher, TOFTigers set out on a joint mission: To ensure that we can live up to key standards in delivering better nature tourism and to truly realise its potential as a conservation tool.

This mammoth undertaking will manifest as a partnership between Sanctuary Asia and TOFTigers that will:

  • Enhance nature tourism coverage, scope and linkages in Sanctuary Asia magazine and across its spectrum of other media platforms, incorporating and highlighting the best in nature tourism across the Indian subcontinent.
  • Undertake a media and consumer awareness campaign that highlights the value of the tourism and TOFTigers membership & PUG branding when choosing a travel agent and accommodation provider. We will also seek produce a traveler-focused 'Good Wildlife Travel Guide,' featuring our members and lodges.
  • Encourage all those in the travel trade who advertise in Sanctuary Asia to become members of TOFTigers. They will be offered special discounts and other online marketing benefits and highlighted coverage and links to Sanctuary Asia Travel pages.
  • Develop partnerships with park authorities to co-promote a range of park guidebooks and nature guides for parks. These can be distributed at entry gates, in your lodges and through the local and International travel community.
  • Seek partnerships to promote sustainability, through more networking, events and training workshops.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we expect our vision, ambition and partnerships to grow as we go along. It is no longer good enough to act in isolation. We need to work in a spirit of collective action to change the way we do business and help save our extraordinary natural heritage.

It's a challenging task, but as an early adopter of sustainable tourism through your membership of TOFTigers we trust that you will join our call to action.