Tadoba: Park Issues

  • Companies have been putting pressure on the government to let them start coal mining around the Park, but so far the government has refused to give them the go-ahead. However, there are other mines that are proposed close to the buffer zone boundary that are a cause for concern.
  • The main road to Chandapur is prone to activities such as illegal mining and accidental killings of animals that stray onto open roads. The expanding city and its activities are eating into the corridor that will eventually sever the reserve’s only connection to the central Indian forest landscape through Brahmapuri and Nagzira forests. These corridors are absolutely vital for Tadoba’s far-roaming tigers that will otherwise crowd the fringes and increase chances of man-animal conflicts.
  • There are about 79 villages within the park’s buffer area, and the relocation of 6 villages from the core area of TATR is in progress.
  • There are severe man-animal conflicts along the eastern boundary of TATR falling in the Tiger/Wildlife corridors towards Chhattisgarh, Navegaon-Nagzira game sanctuaries, Kanha NP, Kawal Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh. Some incidents have been reported of villagers being mauled by predators.