Tadoba: Tourism Activities

There are several ways to enjoy Tadoba.

  • Tourism activity is in the western side of Tadoba along the tar road that bisects the park.
  • Morning and afternoon game drives in official jeeps or ‘gypsies’. Official guides are compulsory for all excursions.
  • Birding enthusiasts can go for an early morning walk around their lodge. Most lodges conduct nature walks with their own naturalists around their campus, so be sure to check with them.

Outside the park

  • Bhadravati is another town nearby that has attractions such as the ancient Bhadravati Temple and the Jain Temple with beautiful sculptures.
  • You can find several Buddha Temples around Vijasan Hills.
  • A new wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre is being set up near Khatwanda.
  • Nature trails and Machan sit-ups are coming to Khatwanda.
  • There are boat and canoe trips to see the birdlife in Irai lake in the buffer zone.
  • Walking trails and Elephant safaris are being developed in the area of Irai lake.