Our Objectives

The Travel Operators for Tigers is a 'supply chain' pressure campaign initiative aimed at a Global collective and inclusive Travel trade response to the tiger crisis in India, and by association, all the forests and wildlife being affected in the Indian subcontinent .


  • To advocate and support better tourism practices in wilderness areas, with specific guidelines for operators, service and accommodation providers and visitors. Look out for the TOFT signs and PUG ratings.

  • To empower local communities to become involved in wildlife tourism projects and initiate low impact and sustainable development which helps conserves the parks and benefits the communities through employmnet and business opportunities.

  • To catalyse initiatives throughthe lodge communty that enhance wildlife conservation and community support, including waste and water management, trade cooperatives, local employment, fair wages and local enterprises and services. 


To find out what your responsibilities are:

Click here if you are a visitor
Click here if you are an International Tour Operator or Travel agent
Click here if you are a Destination Management company or Ground Agent
Click here if you are a wildlife lodge or resort

FIVE YEAR MISSION 2009 - 2014:

A Long View!With a new Government in place for the next five years, TOFT has also laid out a road map over the next five years, to ensure its focus.

  • To become India’s premier voice in advocating well conceived and well managed responsible nature tourism as a critical and sustainable conservation tool

  • To work with, incentivise and encourage all wildlife tourism suppliers, operators and visitors to work to a strict code of conduct and lodge operations when in wilderness areas

  • To advocate closer cooperation and stakeholdership opportunities for local communities and enterprises in the wildlife tourism equation.

  • To quadruple TOFT’s membership both in India and abroad to enhance its role in advocacy, supply chain management and effective, sustainable and proactive changes in wildlife tourism activities.

  • To grow TOFT to become a Pan Indian campaign, that is effected and endorsed across all of India’s protected areas.