In Numbers: Sustainable Tourism

Awareness of the climate crisis is influencing travel choices and shaping the future of tourism. Here are some figures on sustainable tourism based on insights from over 30,000 travellers across 32 countries and territories, according to’s Sustainable Travel Report 2022.

• 81%

of global travellers say sustainable travel is important to them, with 50% citing that the latest climate change developments have played a role in influencing them to make more sustainable choices.

• 71%

of global travellers expressed a desire to travel more sustainably over the next year, up 10% from a year ago, with 75% saying they would prefer to use more environmentally-friendly modes of transport in the future.

• 66%

say they seek authentic cultural experiences that are representative of the local communities while 25% would be willing to pay more for travel activities to ensure that they are giving back and connecting when travelling.

• 57%

would prefer residing in a certified sustainable accommodation, but 29% said they couldn’t find sustainable accommodation in their preferred destination.

• 78%

would like to stay in sustainable accommodation at least once in the next year.

• 53%

are more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were a year ago.

• 45%

agree that protecting and learning local cultures is part of sustainable travel.

• 36%

of travellers would like online travel booking websites to use labels to help them spot sustainable trips more easily.

• 33%

chose to travel outside of peak season over the last 12 months to avoid crowds and would be willing to travel closer to home to reduce transport emissions. While 42% say they have struggled to find interesting touristic spots with fewer crowds.

• 31%

weren’t aware that sustainable stays existed, while 29% didn’t know where to search for them.

• 46%

of global travellers have stayed in a sustainable property at least once over the past year, with 31% believing it treats the community better.

By Samar Khouri Forbes Middle East Staff on 16th October 2022