Image of poaching which has increased during lockdown
Photo by WWF, India. Credit: Arijit Mondal

Poaching cases in India went up 151% in lockdown: TRAFFIC Report – 

“The predictable outcome of a lockdown, the need for food with ungulates taking the brunt, but good news that travel restrictions have hindered the wildlife trafficking trade” TOFTigers Chairman’s comment

Extract taken from The Times of India article by Chandrima Banerjee  on 3rd June 2020

When the country shut down to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, wildlife conservation took a hit — funding dried up, fewer personnel were on the ground and tighter inter-state borders sometimes made rescue efforts difficult.

Against that backdrop, poaching cases went up 151% in India during the lockdown, a report released by global wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC said on Wednesday.

The report, ‘Indian wildlife amidst the COVID-19 crisis’, compares six weeks before the lockdown (February 10 to March 22), the baseline, and six weeks in lockdown (March 23 to May 3). The number of poaching cases went up from 35 to 88 in that period. And while it was not restricted to or higher in any geographical area, species under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act (which extends the highest protection) were targeted the most during the lockdown.

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