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Destination: Nepal

Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, historic cities and lush forests is home to a wide range of flora and fauna owing to extreme variations in its altitude and climate – from the sweltering heat of the Terai region to the freezing cold of the Himalayan highlands. Start with the Terai lowlands – a belt of wellwatered floodplains with tall grasslands interposed with riverine and hardwood sal forests. Musk deer, blue bull, one-horned rhinoceros, black buck, the royal Bengal tiger, gharial, marsh mugger crocodile and the last of a breed of Asiatic wild buffalo all roam here. The Royal Chitwan and Bardia National Parks are located here and offer nature lovers a good look at most of these residents and many more.

In the Churia range, look for ancient fossil deposits of Pleistocene mammals long extinct in the subcontinent. As you go higher in the North towards the Mahabharat range, you find hills covered by deodar, oak, birch and maple. These forests are home to deer, leopard, ghoral serow and the lmpeyan pheasant, which is Nepal’s national bird. Climb higher nearer to the alpine mountains that are the haunt of the snow leopard and its prey – the blue sheep and Himalayan tahr. The varied ecosystems sprouts over 300 species of orchids, eleven of which are endemic to Nepal. Whether you want to trek, relax, or view its diverse wildlife, you will find yourself immersed in this treasure trove of natural beauty.


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