Dhruv Singh – Anant Van

What Dhruv thinks about TOFT:

“I am a believer in the better nature of people and good intention that we all start our projects and ideas with, India has always been a great example of spiritual growth along with all the other aspect of life like business, I see the TOFT code as being a simple framework on which we are building a standard of working and strengthening our sense of responsibility in a delicate environment.

Any place, project or work that is looking for long term sustainability, it needs to grow and develop to meet the demands and pressure of the present times, if it is unable to do so it will become extinct. A discipline and order sets a standard for this development to be effective, in the wildlife tourism sector where it most required the only formal set of standards and active participation we seem have is the TOFT code of conduct.

At Bandhavgarh the TOFT code of conduct has come at a time where the development of new lodges is peaking and pressure on the park is ever increasing.

Over the past year it may seem like not much has been done on the surface but the seed has germinated and as the pressure will increase people will themselves turn to a system that will support their ideas of responsible tourism. There will be no other way to survive.

I understand we cannot make a person responsible, we can only guide him. He has to feel the importance of responsibility himself, or see the benefit of it. The TOFT code of conduct sets the path to responsible tourism at the same time it’s a guide to successful wildlife tourism.

I have tried it for 2 years and benefited, the result of Churhat Kothi is for all to see; now we are taking the experiment with responsible tourism and the TOFT guideline even further with our new project Anant Van.

I am convinced it will inspire responsibility.”

You can contact TOFT Bandhavgarh Representative at bandhavgarh@toftindia.org