Jobs at TOFT

Travel Operators for Tigers is a voluntary organisation, so cannot offer full time employment. We work in two parts of the world, in Europe from a UK office base in Wincanton in Somerset, and from a small office in Delhi in India. However we are looking to have further overseas representatives of the campaign in the US and Canada, Australasia, and parts of Europe including Scandinavia.

If you are passionate about wildlife conservation and have an interest and/or are a professional within the Tourism, preferably nature tourism sector, and would be willing to commit some time and effort to the campaign, in a variety of ways that allow us to enhance the campaign and its membership in a more significant way we would e very keen to hear from you.

In the first instance please email us with a short CV and we will be in touch with you.

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TOFT Field Officers Required

Job Description

To play a prominent project coordinating role between the TOFT (and other) lodge community, the local village communities and the Park and other Government authorities. This should be done to a high standard and with the greatest professionalism, integrity and dedication, without prejudice or favouritism, to ensure ultimate success of all projects and programmes agreed and discussed.

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