TOFTigers Great Wildlife Travel Guide

Experience incredible forests, unique wildlife and beautiful landscapes knowing you are helping to safeguard their future.

TOFTigers Great Wildlife Travel Guide to India and Nepal. It here  to help you plan a holiday of a lifetime in one of the world’s most incredible wildlife regions of the world.

The Indian subcontinent is home to the iconic tiger not to mention the so-called other big five. These are the lions, rhino, elephants, leopard and buffalo – but in India you add the shaggy sloth bear or ‘Balu’ made famous in the Jungle Book, tigers, wolves, an ape species, and abundant birdlife. From the world’s highest mountains to mangrove swamps and deserts to dense forests, the region offers a staggering choice of extraordinary landscapes. Combine this with an incredibly vibrant culture, adventure or simply relaxation.

This unique Guidebook can help you make the best choices.

Make a tiger and wildlife-friendly choice

By staying in one of the PUG eco-rated lodges listed in the Guide, you will be helping protect nature and support local communities. Find out what our  PUG ‘Ecofreindly’ kitemark stands for. You will also find a host of the very best travel companies from around the world in the Guide to help you plan your holiday whether you want to travel independently or as part of a group. Every company has signed a Code of Conduct to follow responsible practice and to use PUG eco-rated accommodation where they can.

What’s included in the Guide