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Using this website and its providers as the basis of your next visit, you will have already played a role in helping local communities to thrive and become stakeholders in protecting the wildlife and wildernesses you have seen, but should you wish to do more, here are ways you can invest in a wildlife destinations long term sustainability and protection.

Supporting TOFTigers

We are principally funded by our committed corporate supporters highlighted . However we do have to raise funds and sponsorship for a range of activities that we need to fund.

These include conservation and community projects in some key destinations, research to highlight and identify critical issues, publications including our research papers and our Great Wildlife Travel Guide, nature skills training, and sustainability training programmes for the travel sector. Finally we run a biennial TOFTigers Wildlife Travel Awards in September that highlights and rewards the best of the best in combining nature and travel across South Asia.

Please do contact us should you wish to know more or focus funds to a specific place or park.

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