Consumer awareness and demand for environmentally and socially responsible goods and services like travel and tourism are at an all-time high. Nature based or ecotourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the market and forecast to grow as visitors increasingly seek authentic, experiential nature based experiences around the globe.

‘In an increasingly digitally-connected, work-centric, and material world, travellers are seeking opportunities to reconnect with nature, other people, and sense of individual meaning. Both the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations have shown inclinations to pay a premium for authentic and meaningful travel.’  CREST Centre for Responsible Travel 

According to an AIG Travel Survey conducted in 2016 which explores consumer perceptions of sustainable travel movement, a mere 4 percent of the industry is practicing some form of sustainability. Of those who want to travel sustainably, more than one third (35 per cent) found it difficult, and half didn’t know how to do it.  TOFTigers aims to change that.

If you are in the travel and tourism business working within, or operating from outside the Indian subcontinent, you will have the opportunity to highlights your commitments and actions to sustainability by using and promoting our TOFTigers logo, using our  globally recognised Certification kitemark as a promotional or purchasing tool of  renowned integrity, gaining both industry and consumer trust with your own commitments to your corporate sustainability efforts.

We can help you shape your sustainability strategy going forward. See our Your Sustainability and how to promote it

Do Travellers care about the environment?

Do Travellers care about the environment?

  1. Businesses that adopt green practices outperform their competitors
  2. 75% of consumers want more responsible holidays
  3. 93% of consumers say travel companies should be committed to preserving natural heritage
  4. 66% of consumers prefer to buy products and services from companies that give back to society
  5. 58% of Conde Nast Travellers said their hotel choice influenced by green credentials
  6. 66% of travellers often or always consider environment when choosing hotels and other providers
  7. 50% willing to pay more for goods and services that have good corporate social responsibility credentials

Today, most travellers have seen the effects of ‘overtourism’ and unsustainable tourism, and do not want this with their own travels, especially in fragile or nature based destinations. highlighted the obstacles to visitors travelling more sustainably were listed as:

  • Costs (42%)
  • Lack of information/lack of certification (32%)
  • Time (22%)
  • Less appealing destinations (22%)
  • Loss of luxury/comfort (20%)

Facts and Figures taken from research reports up to 2018 from CREST, WTTC, Conde Nast Traveller and

Banyan Travels

Do travellers expect companies to care too?

  • 91% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit, but also to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Source here :
  • 70% of consumers globally believe that companies should be held responsible for “not harming the environment,” and “ensuring a responsible supply chain” Source here:

But Travel Companies Need to Earn Their Trust

  • 52% of the general global population believe that a company’s effort to protect and improve the environment is important for building their trust.
  • 64% of the global population believe that CEOs should take the lead on ‘change for good’ instead of waiting on governments to impose it.

Source here

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