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Innovating Education for Sustainability: Introducing The Indian School of Nature

In a transformative stride towards generating knowledge and impact for planet sustainability, Mr. Ram Pratap Singh, Director of Mela Kothi, Chambal Safari Lodge in Uttar Pradesh, founded the Indian School of Nature (ISN) in January 2023. This pioneering institution represents a visionary leap forward in integrating environmental and sustainability education with practical outcomes that promise a significant impact on both local and global scales. The Board of Directors comprises distinguished individuals from the fields of climate change mitigation, environmental management, climate smart agriculture and responsible tourism.

The Indian School of Nature isn’t just a school; it’s a revolution in learning and research focused on crucial areas such as environmental and wildlife conservation, climate-smart and climate compatible agriculture, renewable energy, sustainable development, and climate change mitigation. In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, the ISN stands out as a beacon of hope and action.

One of the core elements that set the ISN apart is its commitment to being an open-source knowledge platform. This approach facilitates the free exchange of ideas and innovations that can lead to sustainable practices and solutions. The school’s guiding principles ensure that knowledge isn’t just disseminated but is also implemented to achieve real-world impact. With an eye on the future, the school aims to build a community that is not only aware of the challenges but also equipped to tackle them using innovative and locally tailored solutions provided by the education modules of the Project.

Community and Outcomes

The outcomes for the ISN community are designed to be transformative. Communities emerge as advocates of climate consciousness, equipped with the skills necessary for initiating start-ups, contributing to employment, and advancing in their professional certifications and profiles. The emphasis on resurrecting local knowledge and practices ensures that the solutions they craft are uniquely suited to the needs and traditions of their communities, reinforcing the sustainable development goals of the institution. It aims to develop modules that will assist all stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry by teaching them how to mitigate climate impact, manage waste efficiently, and incorporate sustainable tourism into their businesses for mutual benefit to both them and the environment.

The Indian School of Nature is a movement towards building a sustainable future through informed, educated, and proactive individuals.

In the coming years, ISN’s journey will be one to watch, as it contributes to shaping a sustainable world, ensuring that each step taken is a step towards a resilient and thriving planet.