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Jawai Bandh Forest

©Brij Jawai

©Brij Jawai

Jawai Bandh Forest


A landscape nestled in the heart of the Aravallis (the oldest mountain range in India) and dotted with granite hills formed by molten lava a billion years ago, Jawai an unofficial Wildlife Sanctuary, and mosaic of agricultural fields, villages and hills, is a unique model of co-existence between the leopards and the Rebari tribesmen. With no direct conflict reported for over 150 years, the tribesmen regard the leopards living in the granite hills as an embodiment of their deity Shiva and believe that even if they lose livestock to the leopards, their god ensures giving them back tenfold. The protection of the reserve has helped make it a safe haven for other fauna such as the Indian mugger (in the Jawai River) and 300+ species of birds which are both residential and migratory in nature.
A lot of the roads inside Jawai are motorable which allows you to undertake wildlife jeep safaris here. Vehicle safaris are the best way to enjoy the biodiversity of the region
Although Jawai is popular for leopards, but other than that, there are several other species to look for such as, Sloth bear, striped hyena, Indian fox, Golden jackal, Asiatic Wildcat, Rusty-spotted Cat, Jungle cat, Neelgai, Chinkara, etc. are a few mammalian species which can be seen around. Other than this, approximately around 300+ species of birds have been spotted here. The Jawai Dam which has been built on the Jawai River (a tributary of the river Luni) to provide safety from flooding and irrigational and hydel support to the region, has also been declared a Crocodile Sanctuary, with around 500-600 crocodiles residing in its waters.
Apart from the usual safaris, guests visiting can also undertake nature walks, visit the Jawai dam, indulge in bird watching, cycling, undertake walks with the local tribesmen, visit a local village, visit the temples some of which are ensconced within the granite hills, visit the local market and undertake pottery at a local potter’s establishment.
Jawai is home to the shepherd community called the Rebari. These are community members you may chance upon, during drives or walks often seen with their cattle, and dressed up in white and the significant red turban, which they believe is a way of identification for the community, especially when they are in the jungle, to let the livestock follow them, and avoid them getting lost. The community who is mainly involved in dairy production, do tend to lose their livestock to leopards, but do not harm them as they believe that the cats are an embodiment of their god, and protectors of the region. The loss is also compensated by the Forest Department of the region. Apart from their traditional occupation of dairy production, the community members are also engaged in the tourism of the region, often working at the different lodges and their textiles (especially intricately woven, brightly coloured shawls) are available for sale in the local market, thus offering them different sources of livelihood. Your visit is crucial to support the local economy, but please also report abuse or poor practice at

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How To Book

There are several hotels, which have their own reservation team to approach and other than that, there are several local contacts also, who does Safaris

Park Timings

Open round  the year

Entry Fees

As it's not a Reserved Forest, there is no Entry Fees, but there are Gypsy Charges for Safari, which varies from person to person and Hotel to Hotel. Approx from 3500-6000
Nearest Airport - Udaipur 145KM approx Nearest Railway Station - Jawai Bandh -15-20 KM approx
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