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Little Rann of Kutch

Little Rann of Kutch

West India

Dasada is a small village in Surendranagar district in Gujarat that serves as an ideal base to explore the Little Rann of Kutch - the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. It is also a great destination to soak in the rich culture and heritage of this region. The section of the Rann of Kutch, which is mostly a salt-marsh area, is referred to as the Little Rann of Kutch. The monsoon showers result in the entire desert being submerged in shallow water creating a breath-taking mirror effect. It also gives rise to seasonal fishing opportunities, especially in the Gulf of Kutch. At this time, small islands with unique flora and fauna called ‘bet’ in the local language, dot the landscape. After the water dries up, a layer of salt covers the entire desert and creates a vast open cracked landscape. Salt panning through traditional methods is an important seasonal employment avenue for the Agariya community. Historical monuments from various eras are found in the vicinity. Close to Das...ada are two sites with splendid monuments and architecture. The 11th century Sun temple of Modhera is unique in many aspects. Made in maru gurjara style of architecture, the sun temple consists of three components; the sanctum sanctorum, assembly hall and sacred reservoir. The entire temple is adorned with mythological human figurines, gods, dancers, etc. A UNESCO world heritage site, the stepwell of Patan is a 11th century Solanki architecture monument with exquisite architecture and carvings unparalleled to any other wells. Adorned by deities, dancers and celestial beings, this unique monument served the city of patan as a place to fetch water and socialize as well as an inverted temple. There are many different styles of textile art, embroidery and beadwork found here. The pastoral Kharapat Rabaris are known for their exquisite embroidery interspersed with small mirrors. The Bharvads and Rabari continue to herd cattle and live by dairy farming. The weavers on Dasada are known for a unique weaving technique called Tangalio. Woven on a narrow width pit loom, the Tangalio has a single warp but the weft has extra knots. The nomadic Mir community make artistic bead work bangles.

The resort comprises of cottages built from local materials in the vernacular architectural style. It offers wide-ranging modern facilities for the Guest. The resort has its own fleet of brand-new open vehicles (Jeeps) for safaris, indigenous breeds of horses including prize winning Kathiawadi and Marwari mares, and guides/naturalist for bird watching, photo safaris and village tours.
The sanctuary is last refuge for Indian Wild Ass. The wetlands near sanctuary are the wintering ground for hordes of migratory birds like Greater and lesser flamingo, pelicans, ducks, raptors etc. It is one of the most important wintering destinations on the central Asian flyway hosting over 300 species of birds during this period. Meet the salt pan workers in the sanctuary who produce about 65% of India’s salt. Keep your camera handy to capture some unique birding and other wildlife clicks.
A subdivision of about 5,000 square kilometres in the region has been demarcated as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. Additionally, the Nal Sarovar and Thol Bird Sanctuaries, about 70 km away offer birding enthusiast myriad opportunities. In fact, Kutch is home to many wildlife sanctuaries due to the fantastic biodiversity of the region. Acacia trees, grasses and thorny shrubs make up large parts of the vegetation. Wild asses, chinkaras, blackbuck, blue bull, hedgehog, wolves, jackals and desert cats are spotted here. It is also one of the few places where lesser flamingos reside, and home to about 70,000 birds.
Horseback/ Bullet/ Cycle riding in the rustic countryside, wetlands and agricultural fields

Several Hindu temples constructed in the Maru – Gurjara style of architecture are found here. Patan, about 80 km away, was the capital of Gujarat in medieval times. It is home to the Rani-ki-Vav, a stepwell with intricate and elaborate sculptures that has been granted the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Patan is home to the beautiful Patola sarees since 11th Century. The exquisitely intricate double Ikat warp and weft work of Patola sarees is preserved by only one family in Patan and is considered a paragon of artwork throughout the world. Enroot to Patan one can visit equally beautiful and unique Modhera Sun temple.

One can take a camel cart ride in the village to meet the Rabari and Mir community. Take a walk through the local market to see fresh produce grown in the village or go for a head massage at the local barber shop.

Destination Information

How To Book

Safaris can be booked through your lodge or tour operator.

Park Timings

Morning: 06:00 am – 11:00 pm

Evening: 03:00 pm – 07:30 pm
(Average 3.5 hrs. The start and end time varies seasonally)

Getting Around the Park

Horse, jeep, camel and bike safaris can be arranged through your lodge/tour operators.

Entry Fees

Entrance fees as per the forest department at Little Rann of Kutch Subject to change as per forest department guidelines

Jeep, Car (up to 01-6 person)
Week Days (Rs.) - INR400 (Indian Nationals) / INR2,800 (Foreign Nationals)

Week Ends & Holidays - INR 500 (Indian Nationals) / INR3500 (Foreign Nationals)

Camper, Wagon (up to 01- 15 Person)
Week Days INR 1000 (Indian Nationals) / INR7000 (Foreign Nationals)

Week Ends & Holidays - INR 1250 (Indian Nationals) / INR8750 (Foreign Nationals)

Heavy Motor Vehicle (up to 01- 60 Person)
Week Days INR 3500 (Indian Nationals) / INR24500 (Foreign Nationals)

Week Ends & Holidays - INR 4375 (Indian Nationals) / INR30625 (Foreign Nationals)

Extra person in any vehicle in Week Days - INR 40 (Indian Nationals) / INR700 (Foreign Nationals)

Extra person in any vehicle in Week Ends & Holidays - INR 50 (Indian Nationals) / INR875 (Foreign Nationals)
Still photography Camera 
INR 200 (Indian Nationals) / INR1200 (Foreign Nationals)
Documentary Charges
INR 10000 (Indian Nationals) / INR60000 (Foreign Nationals)
Airport – Ahmedabad Airport (105 km)
Train – Viramgam (30 km) and Ahmedabad (105 km)
Road – Ahmedabad and Surendranagar are the cities nearest to Dasada.
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Eco-friendly properties in the area

Rann Riders by Kaafila

Rann Riders serves as the perfect base to explore Little Rann of Kutch’s salt marshes and experience the famed culture and heritage of Dasada and its nearby villages. Family-owned and operated, the lodge retains the charm and warmth of the Kathiawadi hospitality it has inherited.

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