Jehan Bhujwala

“Wildlife tourism hugely impacts the development of any given area. In our National Parks, tourism and conservation have often been treated as two independent issues; however it is increasingly acknowledged that tourism is a vital tool in conservation. The TOFT programme has arrived at a time when principles in responsible tourism need to be spread, and fast. One of the unique features about TOFT is its emphasis on drawing together the various goals of accommodation providers, tour operators and thousands of travellers, and uniting them together in their shared mission to promote sustainability. This collective voice will strengthen the campaign’s objectives, and will become the only acceptable way forward.

There is a great deal that can be done to protect the fragile environments and communities that we either visit or inhabit. TOFT is an excellent start for us at the ground level where we can all work together to ensure that the services we provide are responsible and sensitive to our future.”

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