Shabarni Roy Chowdhury

Green Team

Ms. Shabarni Roy Chowdhury, TOFTigers  Senior auditor, is an experienced professional, with over a decade of experience in the environmental and social sector. Ms. Chowdhury began her career as a project coordinator for a UNDP project on solid waste management in Delhi and has since worked with notable organizations such as JICA, GIZ, MoEF and WWF India. In addition, she has  also conducted individual research on waste management in Tokyo and served as a co-speaker for TOFTigers DMC Sustainability Awareness Tutorial. She is a certified Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) auditor and has completed around 25 certifications in India and Nepal.

Ms. Chowdhury’s educational qualifications include an M.Sc. in Physical Anthropology and an M. Phil in Environment Science. She has also successfully completed the Travelife Coach and Auditor training, further demonstrating her commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism.