TOFT Awards Title Sponsor

The TOFT Awards Committee is delighted to announce that HSBC have agreed to sponsor the first TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards 2010.

A message from HSBC:

HSBC is delighted to sponsor the TOFT Wildlife Tourism Awards 2010. These awards highlight the important work being done by the Indian tourism industry in support of tiger conservation.

With its varied topography, the Indian sub-continent is a land full of unmatched wild treasures, and the Indian tourism industry has recognized this resource as an opportunity to expand its horizon in the area of wildlife tourism. As this gains popularity, it becomes crucial that best practices are shared to encourage and motivate people to work towards a more sustainable future. Our wildlife and natural resources are disappearing at an alarming rate, and their protection requires commitment and collaboration at several levels.

At HSBC in India, eco-system conservation forms part of our commitment to the cause of protecting the environment. From the eastern coast to the desert in Rajasthan, HSBC has partnered with several organizations to protect endangered wildlife species such as the Dugong Dugong and the Olive Ridley turtle. We recognise that only a partnership approach that is supported by commitment, will and resources can help conserve our world today.

I once again congratulate TOFT on this effort and hope that this initiative acts as a beacon to the tourist industry, encouraging sustainability in tourism and promoting community enterprise and initiatives around tiger conservation.

Malini Thadani

Head, Group Communications and Corporate Sustainability HSBC India.