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7th August, 3.30pm to 5.00pm. 

Title:  Driving Sustainable travel through your clients’ itineraries

These Sustainable Travel tutorial is for DMC/Tour Operators – product, sales, marketing and promotional teams.  The tutorial gives some knowledge on what sustainability means and integrating it into your operations – specifically encouraging the building of more  immersive and sustainable travel itineraries for your clients to enjoy.

The 1.5 hour tutorial will be led by Sustainability Manager, Ritu Makhija, the chair of TOFTigers, Julian Matthews, and Sycom Projects expert, Shabarni Roy Choudhary. 


Registration Cost for 1.5hr Tutorial only : Rs.500    

The tutorial offers you the chance to gain a Sustainable Travel Awareness certificate from TOFTigers. All participants will need to attend the full tutorial, complete a short questionnaire at the end of the tutorial, and then asked to deliver a workable 10 day travel itinerary within two weeks of the even that will be marked.


Registration Cost for Full Certification: Rs.1800 

You will submit a fully detailed sustainable itinerary with two weeks of the tutorial, which will be marked and reviewed. You will then have 1 more week to review and improve and submit .

If your entry passed the sustainability test, you will be entered into a ‘Best sustainability journey award’, and the potential to win a superb 2 nights stay at one of the finest ecolodges in India.

We look forward to changing the nature of travel with you soon.

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Registration : Rs.500

Registration : Rs.1800

We look forward to change the TRAVEL WORLD with you !!!!!