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Destination: North India

The Northern region is largely associated with the Himalayan ranges and the mysterious Ghost of the Mountains – the snow leopard. The pristine Gangotri National Park is where you can find both sitting at an altitude of a little over 7,000 metres above sea level. The origin of the holy river Ganges, the towering Gaumukh glacier, falls within this park. Mammals such as the surefooted caprids, the Himalayan blue sheep, red fox, Himalayan black bear, brown bear, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan musk deer, Himalayan weasel, Himalayan ibex, and bharal are all found here. Lammergeier, griffon vulture, yellow-billed choughs, orange-flanked bush robin, koklass pheasant, monal, Himalayan snowcock and snow pigeon are some of the beautiful birds that reside here.
Come down South a tad for the Rajaji National Park and Corbett Tiger Reserve with their verdant expanses of forests, blue rivers and white rocks. Asian elephants, tigers, leopards, hog deer, goral, jungle cats, sloth bears, barking deer, jackals, Indian porcupine and yellow-throated martens are some of the mammals that call these parks home.


Discover Parks & Sanctuaries In North India

Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

It would be fair to say that a well-known conservationist, ‘Billy’ Arjan...

National Chambal Sanctuary

National Chambal Sanctuary, named after one of India’s cleanest and longest...

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary

Set in the scenic Jhandi Dhar hills in the Himalayas, Binsar was the summer...

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Named after the famous hunter, naturalist and author Jim Corbett who played...

Rajaji National Park

Spread over 820 square kilometres and located near the foothills of the Himalayas...

Dachigam National Park

At an elevation of 1700 to 4300 metres above sea level and spanning a vast 141...



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