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Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park


As you amble across the tall grasslands on elephant back and emerge into an opening, you’re likely to run into some heavily armoured, prehistoric looking one- horned rhinoceros, nonchalantly grazing before you barely looking up to give you the time of day. Do consider the sight that belies the extraordinary story behind their survival, here on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River. This 430 square kilometres of swamps, sandy riverine islands and waves of tall elephant grass which exist over a flat and broad plain, interspersed with forests of moist tropical trees, floods dramatically ever year and is key to its semi aquatic existence. A World Heritage Site, the park today hosts two-thirds of the world’s greater one-horned rhinoceros, according to the latest census in March 2015 a total of 2,401 - a remarkable feat considering the species was on the verge of extinction, with only 12 left in 1903. In 1908, Kaziranga was designated a Reserve Forest with pioneering protection ef...forts underway, before being given official park status in 1974. Within these watery borders remain herds of now endangered wild buffalo, Asian elephant, swamp deer, capped langur and Asia’s only ape - the hoolock gibbon, which lives in the canopies of the higher bordering forests of Karbi Anglong. It’s also one of India densest tiger habitats with recent estimations of over 80 individuals - but you will be lucky to spot them. Keep binoculars at the ready for this is rare Bengal florican country and a host of wetland and migrant bird species, specifically in the winter months can be enjoyed on elephant back, from a watchtower, by jeep, or in some parts, on foot with an experienced guide. The park has three tourism zones - Kohora, Bagora and Agartoli
Game drives into the park are popular along with elephant-back viewing, principally to see the rhinos, and in specific zones, walking with expert guides is possible. Ask your provider for details. Cruises on the Brahmaputra River can be arranged. Observation towers situated at Sohola, Mihimukh, Kathpara, Foliamari and Harmoti are great vantage points for wildlife viewing, and worth stopping at. An interpretation centre at the Bagori range helps you learn more about the park.
The one-horned rhino is the star attraction here but look out for tigers, elephants and hoolock gibbons. Two of the largest snakes in the world, the reticulated python and rock python, also inhabit the park. This is a birder’s paradise. Regular sightings include the Oriental honey buzzard, black-shouldered kite, Indian vulture, slender-billed vulture and Indian white-rumped vulture. A large number of migratory birds descend on the lakes and marshlands during the winter including greylag geese, ruddy shelduck, falcated duck and the Northern shoveller. Other threatened species that have been seen here are the black-breasted parrotbill and the rufous-vented prinia.
Boat rides along the Brahmaputra are allowed in the Eastern zone and is a great way to see river dolphins.The Kakochang Waterfalls, located in Jorhat district, are a scenic stop near the park. Nature walks are organised in the buffer forests and a visit to a tea plantation can also be arranged by your lodge. Do make a stop to the nearby Karbi villages where you can see the typical local architecture and also buy handmade cane and bamboo handicrafts.
The Southern edge of the park, bordered by the National Highway 37 has had huge tourism development pressure and is beginning to cut off migratory corridors from higher hilly grounds needed during seasonal flooding in Karbi Anglong and the Mikkir hills. Car accidents involving wildlife have also increased due to increased traffic. Though well managed and well protected by brave guards, poaching is ever present. Your visit is crucial to support the local economy, but please also report abuse or poor practice at You can support: The Corbett Foundation Wildlife Trust of India

Destination Information

How To Book

Your lodge or tour operator can book a safari for you. Visit the website for more information.

Park Timings

Morning : 07:30 am to 12:00 pm Evening : 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm The park remains open from 1st October until 31st May.

Getting Around the Park

Game viewing is done in Gypsy jeeps along the reserve’s dirt roads and also on elephant back. Prices start from R 1,950 per jeep

Entry Fees

R 100 for Indian Nationals R 650 for Foreign Nationals Fee For Visiting Full Day: R 200 for Indian Nationals R 2,000 for Foreign Nationals Fee Per Person For Elephant Ride: R 875 for Indian Nationals R 1,925 for Foreign Nationals Toll For Road Per Trip: R 300 for all nationals Naturalist: R 1,000
By Air: Guwahati (240 km). By Road: From Guwahati, one can go by road to Kohora on the National Highway 37.
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